Kill Haole Day (2016)

Kenny, a Hawaiian-Chinese teenager, idolizes his father and wants to live up to his tough-guy reputation. Kenny's convinced that by reviving the Hawaii tradition of 'kill haole day,' he'll earn his father's respect. But Kenny is scrawny and knows he can't fight; so he chooses to pick on the one haole kid who is even more awkward than himself, his best friend, Evan. Kenny destroys his friendship with Evan, but then learns the truth about his father's so-called exploits.

Kill Haole Day received the Grace K. J. Abernethy screenwriting award.

Writer/Director: Laurie Arakaki
Producers: Lilah Akin and Laurie Arakaki
Cinematographer: Jonah Okano
Editors: Jonah Okano and Laurie Arakaki